In the year of 2002 we painted the story of 2 Women Dreaming at one of our Women’s Healing Retreats. Here the two rivers depict the cultures of Aboriginal Healing Dreaming and Western Medicine walking side by side as they share the ways that the two healings can complement each other and then come together in the ocean. The red belly snake gave us a visit whilst gathered at the sacred rock, so she had to be included. Here she is shown protecting her eggs. The eggs symbolise members of the group and the La Perouse Aboriginal community. Above, the two spirits are shown guiding each culture in the ongoing dialogue on healing.

healing2 Women Dreaming Healing Incorporated

We are an organisation concerned with Aboriginal Healing Dreaming and Western medicine, sharing different ways of healing body, mind and spirit. Our organisation is non profit, non political and non religious.

Download a flyer for the Exhibition The Spirit of Healing, on until 21 March 2010

We are a committed group of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal women concerned with the physical, mental, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing of Aboriginal people. The primary focus is on Aboriginal health of the individual, family and community. In particular the carers of those who experience stress, trauma, substance dependencies and the unwell.

Some of our ways of healing are carried out through:
Healing retreats
Art & song
Healing Circles: strong country, body, mind & spirit
Consultations Cultural Appropriateness: health & healing




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